Multichannel message platform and SMS API

Engage with your customers across multiple message platforms like SMS, RCS SMS, Telegram or WhatsApp.

Unified REST API for all platforms and automated decision system for message direction across platforms with accent on cost efficiency and user engagement.

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What is SMSAlert ?

SMSAlert is a versatile multi-channel communication platform. It empowers businesses to engage with their end customers intelligently through SMS, RCS, Telegram, and WhatsApp, all via a unified REST API. Our primary focus is on helping companies to engage with customers and reduce communication expenses.

For SMS messages we make available android app or dedicated GSM equipment so you can send messages from your own phone number, thus increase customer satisfaction and build trust.

We dedicate ourselves to innovation and we try to offer the best services and integrations with 3rd party platforms.

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SMS API & SMS Integrations and modules


User friendly interface for quick, intuitive and easy administration. In case you need help, our support team is only one click away.


Integrate your services, ready and simple SMS API for you to integrate and automate your process. Check our API documentation

SMS Gateway hardware

We provide free 4G GSM SMS hardware in custody for each customer depending on the needs.


Ease your setup with our ready made integrations and modules, woocommerce, opencart, integromat, google sheets and others.


  • Receive SMS Webhook
  • SMS status Webhook
  • Scalable
  • Load balacing across multiple devices & apps
  • SMS 2 GOOGLE sheets
  • Campaigns
  • SMS Failover
  • URL Shortener & Analytics
  • Adressbook tags & campagins
  • Automatic app/device health check
  • Automatic smart SMS reply
  • Scheduled SMS

How it works ?

SMSAlert is a cloud based SMS Gateway that uses a 4G modem or mobile application to send SMS messages.

This gives you the possibility to use you own SIM so we do not charge costs for sending or receiving SMS messages.

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4.99€ / month

  • FREE trial first 15 days
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Unlimited SMS messages
  • Receive SMS
  • API Access
  • Short URL & tracking
  • up to 2 mobile devices
  • Multiple addons*
  • Email 2 SMS
  • Monthly payment
  • 3 months message history

Recommended for individuals or small companies that want to use personal or dedicated mobile phone with Android mobile application as SMS modem, with no limit for sent or received messages

12.99€ / month

  • FREE trial with 20 SMS credits
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Unlimited SMS messages
  • Receive SMS
  • API Access
  • Short URL & tracking
  • 1 GSM modem
  • Multiple addons*
  • Email 2 SMS
  • 6 months contract
  • 6 months message history

Only for companies that want a reliable and dedicated solution to send SMS messages via dedicated hardware. The necessary hardware is available only in Romania at this time.

3 ¢ / 1 SMS credit

  • FREE trial with 20 SMS credits
  • Maximum of 5000 SMS / month
  • Receive SMS
  • API Access
  • Short URL & tracking
  • 1 Virtual modem with number
  • Support
  • Multiple addons*
  • Pay as you go
  • 6 months message history

Recommended for individuals or small companies that do not want the hassle of a mobile phone to be charged and connected every day. You only cand send SMS messages with this option. For detailed credit cost consult credit details

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