2022 Retrospective

The year 2022 was an atypical year with many ups and downs worldwide, indirectly affecting each individual/company Despite this SMSAlert has managed to bring dozens of new features and constantly improve services. Among the most notable features we list: We certainly won’t stop here, and the year 2023 looks even more exciting. Existing customers can … Read more

Account timezone

Because our planet is continually rotating on itself, it is not the same time in one area of the planet versus another. While it’s daylight in Spain, it’s still dawn on the American continent. So if we want to set a timetable for everyone, we have to take these differences into account. This is why … Read more

New features & Android app updates

It’s time for yet another new feature in SMSAlert, this one focuses on the SMS message balancing system when using multiple applications/modems in parallel. In ideal use and constant connections of connected modems / android apps, the system would balance the traffic according to the defined exit rules, but in case one of them became … Read more

SMS Campaigns with TAG manager

A new feature is now available in the SMSAlert control panel, called TAGs. This helps you to organise contacts synchronized via the SMSAlert application or manually added to the system in order to facilitate sending SMS to one or more tags with a single click. With this system you can get a much more accurate … Read more

Advantages of sending SMS via SMSAlert

Some of the most common questions asked by other potential customers are “What is SMSAlert” or “How does it work”. We recognize that not everyone has the necessary technical skills so we are more than willing to offer our full support and clarify once again at the beginning of this article about the “advantages of … Read more

Short URL & tracking

A long-awaited new feature is now available in all SMSAlert packages and can be enabled by default on ON from each user’s settings panel or on demand when making a request to the API via the optional “autoShortUrl” parameter. Short URL helps you to significantly reduce the size of SMS messages sent and track the … Read more

Real-time SMS status notifications

It’s time for yet another feature-update in terms of expanding webhook systems or real-time notifications. In a previous article we discussed webhook incoming SMS messages which offered the possibility to push incoming SMS messages to your platform without the need for a recurring call to SMSAlert API. Similar to this method we now also offer … Read more