Optimize communication costs with SMS API and SMSAlert

cost optimisation

SMSAlert is a multichannel platform, in short it uses multiple communication channels, instead of relying only on SMS (Short Message Service) sending messages can be done on multiple platforms, e.g. WhatsAPP, Telegram or RCS messages. This offers more advantages to reach the target audience and the possibility to engage more effectively. Here are some reasons … Read more

Two-Factor authentication (2FA)


Since mid-January, a new option has been added to the customer account for greater security. Two-step authentication via SMS, also known as two-factor authentication (2FA) via SMS, is a security mechanism used to enhance the security of online accounts and services by requiring users to provide two separate authentication factors before gaining access to their … Read more

Addon services for SMS API

2024 new features

Happy new year! Welcome to the year 2024! We start on January with fresh forces and launch the additional services page for SMS API located at admin level in the customer account. The first add-on service is called “SMS Fallback” and costs only 0.99 EUR per month and it gives users the possibility to continue … Read more

WhatsApp API Integration

Whatsapp API

WhatsApp is a globally used messaging app, similar to Telegram, it doesn’t need much of an introduction because we all use it in our daily lives more or less. To support our users to communicate effectively with end customers on any current platform we have developed the integration with WhatsApp and we are in the … Read more

REST API Version 2

rest api diagram

Welcome everyone, although we are on a holiday we are keen to announce a new REST API. This one although shares quite a lot of similarities with the old API most of the work has been in the backend to streamline response speed which is now up to 3 times faster, and the way calls … Read more

Telegram API integration (beta testing)

telegram logo dark

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging app that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It was first launched in 2013 and has since grown to become one of the most widely used messaging apps worldwide. Telegram offers a range of benefits over other messaging apps, including improved security, faster communication, and more. One of … Read more

SMS API android app got an update

android phone hello

In our last 2022 retrospective we talked about the surprises that will be waiting for us in the new year, so without wasting any more time with other introductions we would like to announce that version 4 of the SMSAlert app that turns your phone into an SMS Gateway is live in google play and … Read more

2022 Retrospective


The year 2022 was an atypical year with many ups and downs worldwide, indirectly affecting each individual/company Despite this SMSAlert has managed to bring dozens of new features and constantly improve services. Among the most notable features we list: We certainly won’t stop here, and the year 2023 looks even more exciting. Existing customers can … Read more

Account timezone

world map timezones

Because our planet is continually rotating on itself, it is not the same time in one area of the planet versus another. While it’s daylight in Spain, it’s still dawn on the American continent. So if we want to set a timetable for everyone, we have to take these differences into account. This is why … Read more

New features & Android app updates

horn new stuff

It’s time for yet another new feature in SMSAlert, this one focuses on the SMS message balancing system when using multiple applications/modems in parallel. In ideal use and constant connections of connected modems / android apps, the system would balance the traffic according to the defined exit rules, but in case one of them became … Read more