Account timezone

Because our planet is continually rotating on itself, it is not the same time in one area of the planet versus another. While it’s daylight in Spain, it’s still dawn on the American continent. So if we want to set a timetable for everyone, we have to take these differences into account. This is why time zones are developed.

Before the recently launched development, the time and date of the messages in the SMSAlert account were displayed in the server’s time zone, which was Bucharest, and this created an inconvenience for users who were not from Romania, as they were constantly having to mentally calculate the real time of the SMS messages.

As of the date of publication of this article, each customer is free to set a different time zone in the account settings. This will automatically adapt the date for all messages in the system including those scheduled via API.

Apart from the time zone implementation a number of minor issues and functionalities have been released weekly. Stay tuned to our blog to always be up to date with the latest news or activate your newsletter from your customer account.

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