2022 Retrospective

The year 2022 was an atypical year with many ups and downs worldwide, indirectly affecting each individual/company

Despite this SMSAlert has managed to bring dozens of new features and constantly improve services. Among the most notable features we list:

  • Important changes on the stability of GSM devices in crowded GSM signal propagation and interference environments.
  • Improved Android application stability through numerous optimizations.
  • SMS send & receive web hooks
  • Easier marketing by organizing your contact list with Tag Manager
  • Timezone account
  • Short URL
  • SMS fallback, sending messages via SMSAlert in case you have your device offline.
  • Better optimization of the SMS traffic balancing and rules system.

We certainly won’t stop here, and the year 2023 looks even more exciting. Existing customers can already see in the admin panel the introduction of a new “Service Addons” menu that will allow for a lot of additional features over the standard subscription, including the purchase of SMS credits and various advanced settings for those who want to get the most out of sending SMS messages.

Part 2 of 2023 is even more special as we have a super new feature that will propel the level of SMS sending even higher, stay tuned to our blog for news.

Until then SMSAlert wishes you Happy Holidays with your loved ones and a wonderful New Year!

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