New features & Android app updates

It’s time for yet another new feature in SMSAlert, this one focuses on the SMS message balancing system when using multiple applications/modems in parallel.

In ideal use and constant connections of connected modems / android apps, the system would balance the traffic according to the defined exit rules, but in case one of them became unavailable the user would be alerted by an email and had to manually intervene on disabling the problematic device from the system.

From now on SMSAlert will automatically restrict the sending of SMS messages at the same time with the notification received by email for the problematic modems, the traffic will be taken over by those in normal operating parameters. As soon as it comes back online, the restriction is automatically lifted within 2 minutes.

Checks are made every 2 minutes and 3 failed checks are required to deactivate a modem automatically in the system.

On this occasion we would also like to announce the latest update of the application on android which rectifies the problem of receiving SMS messages. Make sure you have the latest update downloaded from Google Play.

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