REST API Version 2

Welcome everyone, although we are on a holiday we are keen to announce a new REST API. This one although shares quite a lot of similarities with the old API most of the work has been in the backend to streamline response speed which is now up to 3 times faster, and the way calls to the API are made has been standardised.

Below is a list of the changes made, but we recommend that you consult the documentation.

We have increased its security by including the user and API KEY in the special Authorization header instead of a parameter in the URL.

All POST calls will send BODY JSON instead of AJAX-FORM.

The response has also been standardized and improved to handle errors much better on the implementer side.

BULK messages will automatically create an instant campaign, this way messages will be sent in a controlled way and avoid blocking by operators.

We are guiding customers to start implementing the new API, the old one will stop working on 1 January 2024.

All our modules will also be updated in the next period.

We take this opportunity to announce that the platform is in a constant improvement process, and the last 3 months we have focused on optimizing response speed and fixing bugs.

Thank you, have a pleasant and fast communication with your customers!

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