Tips in composing and sending makerting SMS messages and auto SMS

SMS Alert is an SMS Gateway that provides a complete infrastructure for sending marketing or automated SMS messages via a dedicated device or mobile application. Since sending SMS will use your SIM, we recommend the following tips below to avoid blocking the SMS sending operation by the mobile company and to ensure a 100% success rate.

  • Avoid sending messages at the same time every day.
  • If possible personalise your SMS messages.
  • Offer users a way to unsubscribe, e.g. webhooks
  • Avoid using diacritics in SMS messages or emoticons, they will affect the length of the SMS message. For example for a 160 characters message if you add a single emoticon it will be split into 2 messages, which means an additional charge. Read more about the GSM alphabet.
  • Avoid sending very large volumes of SMS in a short period of time. EX > 300 consecutive SMS. On request a delay between 1 and 10 seconds between SMS can be configured for dedicated equipment if you cannot get this functionality through the API implementation.
  • Do not add text like “this is an automated message” – phones or phone companies have filters for similar words. We recommend using the input rules to inform the user about automated messages via a custom auto reply.
  • The DIGI network is notorious for very low prices but they come with a hidden cost. They do not have national messaging and are quite restrictive, at only 500 messages per month they can block your SIM function, but it can be unlocked on request.
  • We recommend using B2B subscriptions and Vodafone or Orange networks to be able to send 100 – 300 SMS / texts per day, for more SMS you can use several modems / apps in parallel.
  • Do not spam / send SMS to unknown numbers.
  • Use the short URL service for shortening long links, available in the admin panel.

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